Monday, May 14, 2007

If you go down to the woods today....

We went to the Bundaleer Festival.

We got free tickets.

It was very posh.

And we both left inspired! We being my lover, Currawong, and our kids. We got there because Currawong's a drummer. As inspired a drummer as I am a fibre feeler. We have parallel journeys you could say. And I've been remiss in not mentioning a lot earlier, he's also the chaos colourist extraordinaire, who dyes all my fleeces for me, to give me the incredible colours and shades and palettes you see.

So. The Bundaleer Festival introduced us to the most magical playground of a forest I've ever been witness too. They had all sorts of classical musicians at playing posts through the forests, and a labarynth, and a drum sculpture, an outdoor gallery with wooden frames that had chicken wire stretched over them, and natural found objects laced through it. They had a forest of fairies and fairy dwellings made by schoolkids out of sticks and wire and material and yarn, and I absolutely loved it.

We both decided that next year Currawong would be on the stage.

We went back weeks later to walk the labarynth again, and found a building that we hadn't seen on the weekend. It seemed there were more treasures left to find! It had no roof, grass for floors, and beautiful sandstone and paint peeling walls. Seemed the perfect place to take photo's.

So we did.

Tried to line up some models, but it didn't quite work, so we just got my beautiful man in my gear again. Maybe it love's him so, because he's the one that dyed it. Didn't birth it, but he dyed it....
Currawong has in fact been the main model for most of the things I make. He's always on hand for a start, when I need an emergency measurement, and he's also most alluring in all states of dress or undress. There's a lot of larger women who really don't like him though. They think if he was larger, they might get more outfits their size.
Maybe I should feed him up.
I could if I did the cooking.......

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Zebell said...

sexy as ever as always....sold my second feltin today ;( ;) Atlas has gone to live on someones treeeee....been spinning hemp lots and also bunny angora.hope you dont mind but i painted your spinning wheel and am now in the process of making a spider costume to spin in...all in UV ofcourse...see you around the entanglement x x x miss your energies,hope you ALL well.