Saturday, April 28, 2007

Manifesting a life

So now that you know a little bit about me, I can tell you that I'm creating this blog in the hope that I'll be discovered. Yes, I'm sure you know the feeling. That little feeling inside that dreams and hopes of someone recognising your special thing and calling you out of the crowd to walk the star path..... A feeling often associated with feelings of doom as you think you'll never make it no matter how much you wish for it. A bit like Tinkerbell. If you believe in her enough she'll come back to life, but what if you can't muster enough belief? There would have to be some guilt associated with that wouldn't there??.......

But here I am hoping and dreaming strong, because I can't avoid the knowledge that the things I make are so very very different to all the things I've seen in a life of disinterestedly looking through knitting and crochet patterns. Even different to the things I've seen since I've become a dedicated fibre feeler. I can't help but think that I'm a movement waiting to happen.

That if I could infect the population of the world with my fibre disease that leaves me sleepless at nights as I try to keep my brain in my head and out of the whirl of ideas, that it might just leave the world a more peaceful place. A more fulfilled place.

The most curious thing occured when I first learnt to spin. I felt a big hole inside me being filled, that I didn't even know I had. And on further reflection I thought that hole was probably a similar hole to a lot of other folk. The hole left in a species when machines start to take over the menial tasks. The hole left where our trades of farmer, merchant, blacksmith, spinners and weavers, basketmakers and the rest of it used to live. Now that we engage in tasks not directly associated with our comfort and survival, which mostly involve pushing pens around paper, there's maybe not as much job satisfaction in the world as there could be.
Anyhow. So there you have it. The plot and subplot. Trying to find an outlet for my stuff has been an interesting journey. And where I'm going now will be an even more interesting one. I reckon the idea of an online journal kind of thing is a groovy way of reporting this kind of experiment, so here we go...............

Friday, April 27, 2007

Spunout's attempt to crochet the world

It's confirmed, my mission has been created. I will endeavour to crochet the world......

Hellena Post

Lover of Currawong

Mother of Jess, Griffyn, Lilith and Spiral-Moon

Spinster and Creatrix.

About 5 years ago now, my mother bought me a spinning wheel as a birthing present, and sat me down at it.

"Spin clockwise, ply anticlockwise, and learn when to stop" she instructed as she left me to it.

I learnt the first two, but the last has evaded me altogether.

Since then, I've embarked on an odyssey of textile discovery and experimentation, leading me down new and trailblazing ways of crocheting, adding lots of diverse elements, and stretching the boundaries of messing about with fleece.

I've coined the term Post Phyber Philosophy to describe my approach to fibre work. I believe everything to be intrinsically connected, and follow my connection down the web work of paths that my fibres come from and go to. Stir a concoction of consciousness, law of attraction, quantum physics, and lush fibre exploration, and you have a whiff of the Post Phyber Philosophy brew....

I make wearable art with mostly crochet or hooking, as well as creating felt people and making a serious attempt to crochet the world. I crocheted our Toyota Commuter that we cruise around in. Seat covers, rugs, nappy bag, shelves, cargo nets, clothes bags, book bags, you know the rap.

And after learning about the law of attraction and how what you focus on you get more of, I realised I should stop focusing, fighting against, and worrying about all the bad stuff, ( and gawd knows there's enough of that to choose from ) and instead, focus on what I want more of! Simple really. World peace, reforestation, a healthy biosphere, more rain, and love, respect, equality and freedom for all of us animals.......