Friday, September 21, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different

So all in all, Victoria was a hit, and we had an amazing time, and I was inspired by the mountain ash environment to come out with some new ideas. I made my fingers off all around the state. Came up with a whole new style of stuff. Realised that I've been definitely playing in the more extremely alternative fringes for a while now, and whilst it's tremendous fun to clothe and adorn the more outrageous of the species, I seem to be heading into a different wind of change that's making my things more accessible to the average person, as well as artistic in the extreme.

I need to take some brilliant photo's of the details of the creations coming out of me at the moment. The subtle play between hook sizes shaping a drape, and the fountain effect of small through to big holes is quite stunning.

I seem to have initiated myself into the next phase of my chosen path.

My designs are coming together stylishly, at the same time as colourfully, and I'm coming out with some really elegant numbers.

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